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Digitally is your on-demand & virtual B2B Digital Marketing Manager

What do you need from your digital marketing manager today?

Digitally helps B2B technology businesses generate high quality leads, better and faster by optimizing their digital marketing. Digitally works with B2B marketers and business owners who need expert help, support or digital marketing execution. Digitally is your virtual B2B digital marketing manager.  

Digital Marketing Done By You

Digital marketing done by you

Help for B2B marketers and business owners who do their own digital marketing. Use the best tools & tactics. 

digital marketing done with you

Digital marketing done with you

Bespoke support for B2B marketers and business owners who need consultancy & coaching. 

Digital Marketing Done For You

Digital marketing done for you

Solutions for B2B marketers and business owners who want to remove any worries about their digital marketing. 

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Need to get better at social?

Social media is the new normal, you need to be confident in how you could use it in your B2B lead generation efforts. Need a refresher? I've prepared you reading list, "What are the best books on social media marketing for B2B businesses and marketers?"

Build awareness, generate demand and ignite your pipeline.

Think Digitally. Ignite Lead Generation

Digitally is the virtual digital marketing manager for B2B marketers & business owners

Digitally is a resource for B2B marketers and business owners. Digitally helps B2B marketers and marketing teams who need support delivering the digital side of their marketing activity. Digitally is also for businesses owners who need marketing expertise but don't have access to it in their organization. It's the virtual alternative to having a B2B digital marketing manager in your team.  

I'm a business owner

B2B Business owner

I want to grow my business a using digital marketing. 

I'm a modern B2B marketer

Modern B2B Marketer

I want to run exceptional digital marketing campaigns.

Digitally helps you outperform your peers, accelerate your career and grow your business. 

Think Digitally. Ignite Lead Generation

Practical digital marketing enablement, support and execution

Digitally is your on-demand virtual B2B Digital Marketing Manager helping B2B marketers become confidently digital. Whether you're a B2B business owner wearing your marketing hat or a seasoned B2B marketer wanting to be better at digital, you'll find what you need at Digitally.  Digitally is based on real-world digital marketing, it's both practical and pragmatic. The theory is great, but often far from the reality of the daily grind. You need to run successful B2B marketing campaigns that generate leads and fill your pipeline. You need to be found when your future customers look for you.  You need to connect and persuade using the digital tools at your disposal.   Welcome to digital marketing that delivers real results, welcome to Digitally, your virtual Digital Marketing Manager. 

Digitally is your virtual B2B digital marketing manager

Kaya-Digital-Marketing Manager

Hello, I'm Kaya, founder of Digitally. Digitally is based on my experience of working as a B2B Digital Marketing Manager for leading brands. I've worked in digital my entire career, helping businesses, from startups to the Fortune 100 get to grips with their digital marketing. My focus has been B2B marketing, using digital to raise awareness and generate demand.

I've held plenty of digital roles with responsibilities in organic search, paid search, social media, design, and analytics. I've managed digital teams, developed digital marketing strategies and delivered digital success. Everything I've done has been focused on delivering digital marketing results for B2B businesses. Now, through Digitally, you can access that expertise to ignite your own B2B digital marketing. 

Kaya - B2B Digital Consultant

Why do you need Digitally, your virtual digital marketing manager? 

Being a digital marketer manager in different marketing organizations has shown me what businesses need from a digital marketing manager. A digital marketing manager needs to teach and enable others to think more digitally.  A digital marketing manager needs to help other marketers who may not be focused on digital to deliver their campaigns.  A digital marketer needs to do the job of digital marketing, whether that is running campaigns or delivering the ongoing work needed to make a business successful online. 

Your digital marketing manager

Kaya, Digital Marketing Manager


Digitally is your virtual digital marketing manager. I'm here to share my expertise with B2B marketers and businesses who want to win at digital. Not sure what you need? Book a free  discovery call. 

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