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Using AdEspresso customers can easily split test every aspect of their Facebook Ads Campaigns, discovering which creatives and demographic targets deliver the best result.

What is AdEspresso? (By AdEspresso)

AdEspresso is a SaaS tool that allows to quickly create, analyze and optimize your Facebook Ads in an incredibly simple way. If you're not an enterprise you need two things: a) simplicity, to quickly get it done, b) automation, to save time.

On average AdEspresso users  (startups, merchants and small agencies) save up to 70% of the manual work needed to setup a Facebook Campaign and improve their performance up to 40%.

The other players in the space are super sophisticated tools that only work best with a lot of training and/or very high volumes of Ad Spending. Our strength: AdEspresso is dead simple and blazing fast.

We empowers users to quickly split test every aspect of their Facebook Campaigns. In a couple minutes users can create hundreds of Ads, testing everything from the creativity to the targeting.

Once the campaign is created, simple yet meaningful analytics allow to understand what is performing best and optimize their campaigns both manually or automatically.

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How much does AdEspresso cost?

AdEspresso has four price plans

  • Base - $49 / £ 37 per month
  • Premium - $149 / £111 per month 
  • Elite - $299 / £222  per month
  • Diamond - $499 / £367 per month

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