Best Landing Page Builder for B2B Lead Generation

ClickFunnels is my recommended landing page builder for B2B lead generation (2018)

Best Landing Page Builder for B2B Lead Generation

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Key reasons why my recommendation for best landing page builder for B2B lead generation is ClickFunnels. 

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    EASY TO USE - ClickFunnels landing pages are build with a drag and drop interface. If you can use PowerPoint you can use ClickFunnels. 
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    BUILD FUNNELS - Build multiple landing pages and connect them all together, automating the sales journey.
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    EMAIL MARKETING - Out of the box email marketing platform comes included with ClickFunnels. Everything is in one system
best landing page builder for b2b lead generation.

I know that all businesses can benefit from having highly targeted landing pages to support their marketing campaigns. HubSpot research backs this up showing that an increase from 10 to 15 landing pages results in a 55% increase in leads. That's a 55% increase with just 5 pages. Now imagine if you didn't use landing pages for your campaigns at all? How many leads are you missing out on? 

Although landing pages are really valuable there are plenty of barriers to creating great user friendly landing pages that convert. You can overcome all these barriers by using a landing page builder. 

Kaya - B2B Digital Consultant

No excuses for not building great landing pages

My marketing consultancy practice is founded on the strong belief that great marketing needs to be combined with great customer experiences so that you can win the moments that matter on the customer buying journey. Landing pages help you deliver at the moments that matter because they are the point of first meaningful contact between you and the prospect. Landing pages are where your message meets customer action.  As a B2B business it's crucial you have the capability to build great landing pages. 

What is the best landing page builder for B2B lead generation?

As a business that needs to generate leads one of the most valuable things you can do is build landing pages for your campaigns. Landing pages increase conversions and give you the opportunity to focus on your message. Building landing pages once took a long time so many businesses skip it altogether and send traffic directly to the websites, this is a big ROI mistake. Thankfully landing page builders have made the process of building great landing pages much easier. Today I'll help you find the best landing page builder to support your marketing campaigns.

Building a landing page
uild campaign landing pages with clickfunnels

The landing page builder that lets you get a page live in under 10 minutes!

Why do you need landing pages?

Landing pages result in more conversions. It’s that simple. Websites are designed for browsing, you want website visitors to browse and explore your content. Landing pages are designed to focus visitor attention on the task at hand which is to become a lead or customer. It’s likely that your competitors aren’t using landing pages to their full potential and this could give you an advantage in your digital marketing.

Landing pages make it much easier to measure ROI. One of the biggest challenges B2B organizations face is mapping campaign activity to ROI. Landing pages make this much easier especially if you're a small business who needs to keep things simple. Create a landing page, point traffic at it, capture all downloads and at the end of the campaign, you’ll know that all your registrations from that landing page were a result of your marketing campaign.

More landing pages result in more conversions

Having just a few landing pages is rarely enough. The whole purpose of a landing page is to be hyper-targeted, the more you have the better they're likely to work and support your lead gen activity. Research by HubSpot found that when a company increases its number of landing pages from 10 to 15 they see a 55% increase in leads! Lead generation increases steadily until you reach 40 landing pages, however, once you go over 40 landing pages there is a massive spike in the number of leads you can generate. This phenomenon isn’t isolated to B2B companies and business to consumer companies also see gains.

landing pages work

Source: HubSpot

Why don’t more businesses use landing pages?

There are three reasons why businesses don’t use landing pages and instead opt for the easy option of pointing traffic at their website.

  1. It’s too difficult to build landing pages”.  True, in many cases if you’re trying to build a landing page without a landing page builder it's going to be difficult. 
  2. “ We don’t have developer resource”.  If you are relying on resources outside your sales and marketing team to build landing pages then it's likely not going to be top of their priority list.
  3. “We don’t have time to do it”.  You will be able to use your existing marketing copy and collateral on landing pages but traditionally it takes time to set up a landing page in the first place.

Thankfully you have a way of bypassing all these challenges.  Use a landing page builder to easily and efficiently create great landing pages.  This means you can leap ahead of the competition in your lead generating efforts because as the research suggests, landing pages work.

What makes a great landing page builder?

  1. Ease-of-use:  the whole point of a landing page builder is that I can quickly create landing pages.
  1. Templates:  I want to be able to create landing pages based on proven templates and I want to build new templates if I want to.
  2. Gated assets:  I want to be able to protect/ gate assets with a form so that people need to register before they download or access the asset.
  3. Integration:  I want to be able to easily plug-in and use my landing page with my other tools.
  4. Value:  as a business owner I care about how much I spend.  I’m not looking for the most expensive tool or the cheapest I’m looking for the one that gives me the most value.
  5. Support:  if I get stuck with any element of my landing page I want to know help is at hand.
  6. Mobile friendly:  we know an increasing proportion of B2B traffic comes from mobile devices.  I want a landing page builder that will work on mobile.

That’s not a huge list but it contains the fundamental things that lay the foundation for a great landing page builder.  With a landing page builder that meets these needs, you could create landing pages quickly and efficiently.

Best B2B Landing Page Builder (2018)

Based on criteria I’ve set out I went out and reviewed multiple landing page tools and used them in real campaigns.  My conclusion is that ClickFunnels is the best landing page builder available. You can can jump to a free 14 day trial now or read further to find out why I think this is the best landing page builder for B2B businesses.

uild campaign landing pages with clickfunnels

The landing page builder that lets you get a page live in under 10 minutes!

Best landing page builder for ease-of-use

As marketers or business owners we want to spend as little time as possible on creating landing pages.  We want to create a great landing page, a landing page that converts, but we need to do it quickly and efficiently. The easy of use in ClickFunnels is amazing. You can create pages just by dragging and dropping what you need. If you can use PowerPoint then you can use ClickFunnels to build landing pages.

Using templates to build landing pages

There are literally dozens of landing page templates within ClickFunnels  so it's likely a great one is just waiting for you. You can also edit existing landing page templates or create templates from scratch.

Integration with other marketing and sales tools

No matter how good a tool is you  never want to be locked into it and you needed it to play nicely with the rest of your marketing and CRM stack. ClickFunnels has no shortage of integrations. HubSpot and SalesForce are on the list of integrations as are email marketing tools such as ActiveCampaign. For the less advanced, among us ClickFunnels has its own built-in email marketing platform.

Best value landing page builder

Of course, as a businesses, we need the best value out of our investment in marketing tools.  Best value is rarely the most expensive tool on the market and this is a great example of that.   Many of my B2B customers use one of HubSpot, Eloqua or Marketo for their landing pages. Those tools have great features and functionality but they cost the earth and can be difficult to use  If you want a good value option for a landing page builder try ClickFunnels.

A landing page builder with great support

I tested raising several support requests with ClickFunnels.  These ranged in complexity from very simple questions to more advanced challenges.  I can confidently say whether you are a complete novice or an advanced user ClickFunnels support will help you out.

Mobile friendly landing pages

ClickFunnels makes it very easy to create mobile friendly landing pages.  Within one interface I can easily see what my landing page will look like on desktop or mobile.  I can easily make changes so it works better in mobile. If you are going to drive traffic to landing pages from email then you must have mobile friendly landing pages. Most of us are now checking our emails on our phones.

Landing pages are only the beginning

In this article were looking for the best landing page builder for 2018,  but Clickfunnels is a lot more than that. ClickFunnels gets its name from the fact that you can use this landing page builder to build entire sales funnels,  and this is what makes it the perfect landing page builder for the B2B business. With ClickFunnels you can build a series of landing pages, connects them all up,  and take your prospects on a journey. This is marketing and sales automation combined because ClickFunnels also has the ability to take payments online if want to.  Use ClickFunnels alongside email marketing and you have an automated sales funnel.

Can you use PowerPoint?

If you can use PowerPoint then you can use ClickFunnels. The drag and drop landing page builder that you can use to improve lead generation.