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Hello, I'm Kaya, your marketing technologist.

I've been involved in digital marketing for nearly two decades. When I first started my journey, I was hand-coding websites in notepad. I remember when people preferred AltaVista over Google and GIFs were all the rage (I guess they made a comeback). I've seen new tools emerge automating many of our most time-consuming tasks. Does anyone else remember having to crunch server logs to get website stats?

As digital has changed new roles have been introduced. I started out as a webmaster (what an awesome job title) and have since held roles in search marketing, social, user experience design, digital marketing and digital strategy. So I've done plenty in digital and I've used a vast array of digital tools and technologies. Why does that matter to you? I bring a different perspective to digital tools and marketing technology. I look at martech from a pragmatic perspective. Features and functionality are great but will it make life easier or more productive? Join me as I explore the tools, tactics and strategies you could be deploying in your business. 

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