What the difference between content strategy and content marketing? 

Content strategy and content marketing are two very different aspects of content. In B2B marketing we need to build authority and trust, we also need to use content to nurture prospects through the buying journey. Content is far more important in a business-to-business industry than it is a business-to-consumer industry. As a result, this means it's also far more important to have a content strategy in place, and this will often inform your content marketing activity.

  • Content strategy looks at the content needs of your audience across the customer journey. Your prospects may need content to tell them about your solution and once they become a customer, they will need user guides and support content. You'll also need content to increase lifetime value and encourage renewals. 
  • Content marketing takes your content strategy further. Once you have produced the content you need, content marketing gets it in front of your audience. Content strategy helps produce the right content, content marketing amplifies that content.  

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Content strategy

What content do you prospects and customers need and what content are you producing? A content strategy plans and manages your content stock.

Content marketing

Your audience isn't going to find your content by accident. You need a strategy for reaching the right people with the right content at the right time. 

Digital Marketing Consultant

Kaya, Digital Marketing Consultant

Content strategy and marketing work hand in hand. In B2B industries where content is all important, you should have a clear idea of what your audience needs, otherwise you're just creating noise.