Daily Digital Marketing Tips

How to reuse and repurpose video content in your B2B marketing

Video marketing is a hot topic. The web is becoming increasingly visual. The long form whitepaper that we have come to depend on as B2B marketers isn’t working as well as it once did, especially for top of the funnel lead generation. As B2B marketers we know it can be a challenge to distil complex ideas down to something more visual like an infographic. Video could be the answer. You can create visual and informative content that communicates the complexity of your product. The added advantage of video is that it can be repurposed in many ways to support your B2B marketing efforts. We’ll discuss some of your options now.

  • Video can be posted on your own website
  • ​ Video can be published on multiple social media sites
  • Video content can be re-used in ads
  • Audio can be separated from the video and posted as a podcast or uploaded to Soundcloud.
  • Quotes and screenshots from your video can be posted on Instagram.
  • Snippets can be cut from video and republished on social channels.