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Show your ads in the search results using B2B search advertising

You’ve just launched your latest campaign. You have an amazing landing page, the email campaign has started and social media posts are going out. The missing part of the puzzle? Your landing page can’t be found in the search results. How can you quickly attract the traffic you need from search engines? You can show your ads in the search results using B2B search advertising.

When you need to increase your visibility in the search engine results pages B2B search advertising gives your business the opportunity to show ads in the search results. You can promote products, assets, and campaigns, driving high-quality traffic anywhere you need. Start search marketing today and drive traffic straight to your marketing campaigns from the search results.  

Search advertising is a form of search engine marketing. In B2B search advertising, you show ads in response to search queries and pay per click.  The alternative search engine marketing tactic is SEO. This is where you optimize your website to appear in the search results naturally. Unlike search advertising SEO is free. B2B marketers should use both SEO and search advertising in their search marketing mix to increase their visibility in the search engine results.

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Need help getting started with B2B search advertising? 

B2B search advertising is a great way to drive a lot of targeted traffic to your campaigns. The best bit is you only pay for clicks. Need help getting started? Book a free coaching call. 

Why use B2B search advertising instead of SEO?

B2B search advertising is perfect for marketers that need to show ads on the search engine results pages. You may consider running search ads in the following scenarios:

  • Your website is struggling to get a foothold in the organic results listings using B2B search engine optimization.
  • You want to increase the visibility of your business in the search engine results pages. Being seen in organic and paid results increases the chances of you getting a click.
  • You want to generate more leads from a marketing campaign. B2B search advertising allows you to send traffic to lead generating campaign landing pages.
  • You want to advertise in different countries or in different languages.

Search advertising on Google is powered by AdWords

Google is the most popular search engine in the world. To advertise on Google you need to use AdWords, the paid search advertising platform for Google. AdWords allows you to show search engine ads and also advertise on other Google products such as YouTube. Bing also has an ad platform called Bing Ads. Remember that there may be other search engines you need to consider if you promote your business globally. In China for example, the leading search engine is Baidu. For search advertising on Baidu you would need to use their ad platform Baidu Advertising.

How does B2B search advertising help small businesses?

As a B2B marketer you probably already know you are walking up a steep hill. Not only are you trying to make the most of a small budget you are also competing against established brands who may have already won hearts and minds.  All businesses need to be found in the search results and B2B small businesses more than most. We know B2B buying journeys start with a search. This means businesses that don't appear in the results will struggle to be part of the research and consideration phase. Large established brands usually dominate the search results. They also benefit from the added advantage that unlike small businesses, an established brand (Iike BM) could be added to the mix without first going through the early research phases of the customer journey. Search engine advertising helps B2B small businesses get a foothold in the search results.

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Do you need more leads? Do you want to show your campaign in the search results? Get your ads live today with B2B search advertising. 

What challenges do marketers face with B2B search advertising?

Getting off the ground with B2B advertising for any business can be a challenge. Several B2B businesses I’ve worked with in the past didn’t run any PPC ads because they never considered search advertising as an option. Search advertising can be a significant lead gen source for B2B businesses. Imagine being able to run an ad for you latest white paper, showing it only to people who are searching for relevant terms.  The challenge with B2B search advertising is keyword selection.
If you sell IT hardware to businesses and advertise on the phrase ‘computer monitors’, is the searcher a consumer or a business? 99% of the time the searcher will be a consumer. That is the challenge facing B2B businesses. How does a B2B business find the terms a business would search as opposed to a consumer? The same applies whether you sell services or goods. B2B marketers need to spend more time finding the right search terms to target.

Five tips for successful B2B search advertising

  1. Never target single words. B2B buyers will have complex searches, leverage this to your advantage. Use keyword research tools to help you.
  2. Have a valuable asset to promote. B2B buyers are not going to make a purchasing decision as soon as they visit your site. Equally, you are paying per click so need something to show for it. Find the ideal medium for giving value to your audience and generating a lead.
  3. Target different parts of the buying journey. You need to engage prospects at the start of their journey differently to a prospect who is looking for vendors. Target your keywords, calls to action, assets, ads and pages to the intent of the searcher.
  4. Use tailored landing pages. The closer a landing page can match the intent of the searcher the more likely they will be to convert. Don’t leave your visitor to flap around wondering what to do next.
  5. Search advertising on Google is done on a pay per click model. The amount you pay per click depends on your quality score not just competition. Optimize your quality score by having focused keyword groupings, targeted ads and tailored landing pages.

Use search engine advertising to point traffic where you need it and to campaign landing pages.

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How I can help B2B marketers with B2B search advertising?

If you aren't already using search advertising you are missing out on the quality traffic you could be attracting to your website and landing pages. In just a few hours I could have you setup and running search ads that promote your campaigns. 

Once your search ads are live I can help you optimize so that you maximise your marketing ROI and deliver amazing results for your stakeholders. 

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